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Filter by text value:

var items = list.Items().Where(i => i.Title == "test");

Converted to CAML:
     <FieldRef  Name=”Title” /> 
     <Value Type=”Text”>test</Value>

Filter value not null

var items = list.Items().Where(i => i.Title != null)

Converted to CAML:
     <FieldRef Name="Title" />

Limit count of result:

var items = list.Items().Take(3);

Converted to CAML:

Select to limit ViewFields:

var items = list.Items().Select(new { i.Title} );

Converted to CAML:
  <FieldRef Name="Title" />

In-Memory calculations


var items = list.Items().Sum(i => i.Id)


var items = list.Items().Skip(5)

Warning: Other operations are still not tested and may work or not while 3.0 in preview

For more details see source of unit tests

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