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Fields mapping

sharepoint field entity property type
Text,Note System.String
Number System.Double, System.Int32, System.Float or nullable of it
Currency System.Decimal or System.Decimal?
DateTime System.DateTime or System.DateTime?
User SharepointCommon.User. Multivalue: IEnumerable<User>
Boolean (yes/no) System.Boolean or bool?
Lookup single value: Class inherited from SharepointCommon.Item. multivalue: IEnumerable of that classes NEW: you can map Number field as lookup(field must contain id of refered item and marked with FieldAttribute similar as lookup field)
Choice System.Enum or nullable Enum


public class CustomItem : Item
    public virtual string CustomField1 { get; set; }  //Text

    public virtual double CustomFieldNumber { get; set; } //Number

    public virtual bool CustomBoolean { get; set; } // boolean

    public virtual DateTime? CustomDate { get; set; } // datetime

    public virtual User CustomUser { get; set; }  // single-value user or group

    public virtual IEnumerable<User> CustomUsers { get; set; } // // multi-value user or group

    [Field(LookupList = "ListForLookup")]
    public virtual Item CustomLookup { get; set; } // single-value lookup

    [Field(LookupList = "ListForLookup")]
    public virtual IEnumerable<Item> CustomMultiLookup { get; set; } // multi-value lookup

    public virtual TheChoice CustomChoice { get; set; } // choice

    [Field(Name = "_x0422__x044b__x0434__x044b__x04", DisplayName = "Тыдыщ видимое")]
    public virtual string Тыдыщ { get; set; } // field with bad inner name

    // map item by it integer ID
    [Field("ParentID",  LookupList = "ListForLookup")]
    public virtual Item LookupByInt { get; set; } // single-value lookup

public enum TheChoice

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