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Create event receiver class:

public class AddedReceiver : ListEventReceiver<AddedItem>
      public override void ItemAdded(AddedItem addedItem)
      public override void ItemAdding(AddingItem addedItem)

      public override void ItemUpdating(UpdatingDoc orig, UpdatingDoc changed)

      public override void ItemDeleted(int id)

full list of supported events:

public abstract class ListEventReceiver<T> where T : Item, new()
      public virtual void ItemAdding(T addingItem) { }
      public virtual void ItemAdded(T addedItem) { }
      public virtual void ItemUpdating(T originalItem, T changedItem) { }
      public virtual void ItemUpdated(T updatedItem) { }
      public virtual void ItemDeleting(T deletingItem) { }
      public virtual void ItemDeleted(int deletedItemId) { }

Attributes to mark event handlers:

AsyncAttribute - Mark methods to set event receiver is synchronous or asynchronous
SequenceAttribute - Mark methods to set event receiver sequence.

Add and remove subscription

var list = WebFactory.CurrentContext().GetByUrl<Contract>("lists/contact"); 


  • receivers called by framework through reflection. Info about registered type stored in Data of sharepoint event receiver
  • some combinations of methods and sync/async attribute is invalid and will throw exception(platform limitation)
  • use can use same Item or Document in type argument of receiver to handle list or document library events

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